New roof being installed this week on the beautiful RAI building

New roof being installed this week on the beautiful  RAI building. The old roof had suffered some minor damages due to the high heat during the summer, it had been said that if it wasn´t replaced soon that there could be more damages during the rainy season. There are plans to add new Adiabatic Coolers on the roof to maintain the heat down inside the building during the next summer, it will keep everybody much cooler during the high heat and keep the roof in great condition, unlike the tower coolers that were being used previous to these coolers. Roofs by All American Roofing were preferred initially and would have done a good job, as well. It has been recommended for each building to have these coolers installed to prevent any serious damages to other establishments.  Street tree planting is being continued on Grande Ronde Court, drive up to see the sire and enjoy the sunrise or sunset on the bike path and see the progress of how each tree is growing. Special thanks to Willow Gulch Nursery in Pomeroy WA for the healthy trees they are doing great in the heat around the RAI building.