Key Facts: Palouse Business Center Subdivision

Key Advantages & Benefits for locating in the Palouse Business Center Subdivision

Sustainability, How the Palouse Business Center promotes the environment

  • Neighborhood electric car charging station installed 2015.
  • Unique City Park Features; Sunrise Park will Provide an edible landscape for wildlife habitat, utilizing the storm water, and creating a sustainable balance within a city environment and will provide a long term increase in value for the neighborhood and the community.
  • Development Standards included in the CC&R’s based on sustainable and “Green” initiatives include the incorporation of these measures:
  1. Sustainable site development, reduced pollution and recycling, enhanced habitat for wildlife.
  2. Water efficiency and reuse of grey water.
  3. Energy saving measures and on site energy generation from wind and solar
  4. Utilization of sustainable materials and resources in the construction of improvements.
  5. Measures to insure improved indoor air quality and environment. Advanced automated controls for energy saving measures

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